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Beaujolais wines are produced with a single grape variety: Gamay

Our vines located around our winery are on average between 50 and 60 years old. One of our plots, reserved for our special cuvees, was planted in 1895. Because of its old age, the yield is now low but it produces exceptional cuvees. Indeed, the deep roots bring up typical notes of our terroir.    

Our Juliénas wine, renowned vineyard in Beaujolais, comes from our plots located in Juliénas. One of them is one hundred years old.

A part of our vineyard is planted in Chardonnay, grape variety producing white wines.


The environment and the biodiversity being a guiding principle for us, we have implemented many eco-friendly practices on our wine farm:

  • switching to organic farming (process requiring 3 years of organic practices before obtaining the official certification label)
  • certified HVE 3 (Haute Valeur environnementale - niveau 3 - High Environmental Value certification HEV)
  • practice of 'lutte raisonnée' for more than 20 years ("lutte raisonnée" literally "reasoned fight" in French or "supervised control"  consists in observing the vines to determine if treatments are required. Chemicals are used only when absolutely necessary.)
  • no use of any insecticide, miticide et anti-rot.
  • use of cover crop in our vineyard (it naturally prevents erosion, helps us fight rot without using chemicals, improves the water-holding capacity and structure of the soil, favors biodiversity  and gives our wines a typicality).
  • use of tilling to avoid using any herbicide.
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The majority of our grapes are hand-picked to preserve the quality of the bunches. Our team, made up of 15 people, works for about 6 days.

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