Welcome to Domaine du Bois Pothier !

Our family estate is located in Ternand at the heart of the gorgeous “Golden Stones” region in the Rhône. The quality of our wines is the result of our family members' hard work and passion. Our savoir-faire and traditions have been passed down for 8 generations.

The environment and the biodiveristy being our guiding principle, our estate is certified HVE 3 (HEV - High Environmental Value and we are switching to organic farming. 

Following in our ancestors' footsteps,  every step of the winemaking process is made in-house: from the work in the vineyard to the bottling.

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Call and Collect

Unfortunately, due to the Covid crisis, we are unable to organize our open house this year. However, we continue to take your orders by phone or email. You can place your order and pick it up at the estate. Home delivery is possible*.

Our wines

* 12 bottles minimum - Pierres Dorées region and Lyon only - for the rest of France, prices available on request.


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